Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday, June 7 - Now we’ve entered the state along the Gulf Coast, instead of mid-state when we went through Jackson last week.   When we got close to Biloxi, we got off the interstate to take the scenic drive along the coast. 

The added bonus of getting to this route is that we got to drive the ENTIRE length of another interstate: I-110.  Our avid readers will remember that we did the same thing along I-16 in Georgia.  However, this route was much shorter, only 4.1 miles, and it needs to be qualified because there are several I-110 spurs throughout the country.  However, we can definitively say that we drove the entire length of this spur.

One added note:  The Mississippi Welcome Center on I-10 going west was definitely the best state Welcome Center we’ve ever seen.  It was more like entering a nice colonial-style museum than a rest area.  And the ladies offering us coffee when we walked in the door couldn’t have been nicer.  Southern Interstate Highway hospitality at its best!

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