Saturday, June 2, 2012

Entering South Carolina

Friday, June 1 - Savannah is right on the South Carolina border, which you cross as soon as you go over the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1990 to replace an old, lower bridge because it had become too dangerous for all of the large ships entering the Port of Savannah.  The port is the largest ocean container terminal on the US East Coast, and is the nation’s 4th busiest seaport.  Who knew?!

There was also some beautiful marshlands in the Low Country as we drove to Charleston.

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  1. So funny! Its all coming back. I was in high school with Clair Talmadge. Her family was totally old South, and had all these things named after them. Let me know when you get to the Griffin Slaughterhouses! My great great grandparents were a riot!