Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back in Louisiana

Thursday, June 7 – This was a triple-state day:  Woke up in Alabama, drove through Mississippi, and will go to sleep in Louisiana.  At the suggestion of our friend Chris before one of our road trips a few years ago, we try to always stop at the state Welcome Center/Rest Area after crossing a state line.  As we saw in Mississippi, you never know what you’re going to get.  (After the Mississippi Welcome Center, the next-best Welcome Center was probably in New Hampshire as we drove up the East Coast in 2010.)  Another added bonus:  they often have a great state sign for good photo-ops.  (We’ve found this to be the case more in the South than in other parts of the country.)

OK, so admittedly, this picture is pretty cheesy.  But heck, it’s rather appropriate given that the start and end of this trip was in Louisiana, right?  We are not embarrassed…

Once again, another storm was a-brewin’ as we crossed Lake Ponchartrain.  We’ve seen these storms daily since hitting the Charleston/Savannah area.

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