Saturday, June 9, 2012

Biloxi and Mississippi Gulf Coast

Thursday, June 7 – It’s really shocking to see the scars from Hurricane Katrina.  There are so many empty lots with only foundations left, and tress that still look mangled after all these years.  The lighthouse right at the start of the drive was one of the few landmarks still standing after Katrina.  One interesting thing is that there is an artist, Marlin Miller, who made carvings of some of the tree stumps along US-90/Beach Boulevard, turning them into public works of art.  They are now one of the top attractions along the Mississippi coast.

There is also some building still going on, along with a lot here and there that has what looks to be a relatively new house.  Most of them are on stilts.  It definitely feels "empty" overall.  While we've never been there before, let alone before Katrina, you get the sense that there is still a lot missing.  While the landscape may not be as beautiful as it was pre-Katrina, it still was a very interesting drive.  Thanks to both Sandy’s cousin Jane and my friend Carrie for suggesting this route!

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