Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crossfit in Tallahassee

Wednesday, June 6 - Ok, despite what people are saying, I do not have a Crossfit addiction.  This is only the 4th time I've gone in almost two weeks.  I repeat, I do not admit that I have a problem...  Plus, it's added a fun new twist to the road trip.  So far, each of the four times have been in a different state: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

Had another great workout, this time with Coach Sean at Crossfit Black Box in Tallahassee.  It was a partner workout, and my partner Jorge was also in from out of town.  Coincidentally, Sean told me that he actually gets contacted regularly by people thinking that they are contacting my home gym, Crossfit NYC - The Black Box.

 Thanks, Sean!

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  1. Admitting you have a problem is the first step!

    Is having graffiti type writing a requirement at CrossFit clubs? I haven't been in the new facility in Petoskey yet!