Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beach visit at Palmetto Dunes

Monday, June 4 – Sandy’s friend from Cincinnati, Mary Pat, and her family are coincidentally spending a week in Hilton Head this week, so we paid them a quick visit before heading out.  They are renting a house in Palmetto Dunes, which is a completely private community, or “plantation,” as they call them (not to be confused with the river plantations of the 18th and 19th centuries).  We walked down to the beach from their house, which was really great, since it’s not crowded at all. 

As we were on the beach, the sky started to get darker, and there were rumblings of thunder, so we and the family packed up and headed in off the beach.  Then we hit the road and hit the outlet mall as we headed out of town.  So long South Carolina!

(this photo enhanced by Instagram)

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