Friday, June 1, 2012

Crossfit Hyperformance in Savannah

Friday, June 1 – My second Crossfit stop on the road trip.  Went to a 7:30am workout at Crossfit Hyperformance, and it was a killer…  (For those of you who are not Crossfitters, this may sound like a foreign language…) Clean & jerk 3-3-3-1-1-1, and then a partner workout, the “Ball Breaker:” 400m run with a medicine ball, then THREE ROUNDS of 30 tosses of the medball over the pull-up bar, 30 partner situps with the medball, 30 walking lunges with the medball overhead.   Then finish up with another 400m run.  Let's just say, the Southern humidity adds another fun element to the workout!  Thanks to Coach Drew who was my partner, Jennifer and everyone else in the class, including the dogs.  An additional shoutout to Tracee who was also visiting from Atlanta from Crossfit East Decatur.  Awesome workout!

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  1. Hey its Jake here. This post is a total sham. Workout my ass. Try using two fingers to pick up a Cheerio. Then we'll talk.