Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State Capitol #2

Monday, May 28 - Our second state capitol in two days!  We exited the Natchez Trace Parkway near Jackson, Mississippi, and headed straight downtown to take a look at the Capitol. Obviously, much more traditional than the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge.

The one strange thing was that there almost wasn't a soul in downtown Jackson.  We were standing in this park in front of the Capitol, and for a few minutes we didn't see one human being.  Granted, it was after 5pm on a holiday, but it was almost like one of those movies where everyone just disappeared, and you're the last person in the city.  All you could hear was the cicadas...

...which I had to admit were so loud that I didn't think they could be insects.  Sandy thought they were bugs, but I thought maybe they were birds...?  My Yankee upbringing didn't teach me what a cicada sounds like, and crickets certainly aren't that loud.  Well, a quick Google search and a YouTube video proved me wrong:

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