Monday, May 28, 2012

Dinner by the River

Sunday, May 27 - After arriving in Natchez and checking in at the Dunleith Mansion, we headed to the riverfront bluff in downtown Natchez.  After taking a look at the view, we went down by the river and had dinner at the Magnolia Cafe.  Great spot.


  1. What did you eat? Natchez doesn't look very crowded!

  2. Hey. Jake here. Listen, at 7 months, I feel I'm ready to break out on my own. I've got six teeth, so really its all I need to make my way. That and my sleep sack. I've got no one to talk to about this, so I have decided to post on your blog. I'm doing this in secret while Mom is in the shower, and popping some kind of pills to stay awake. She's also muttering to herself a lot which works well for my plan. Let me cut to the chase here. I want to see some hot babies. Send some pictures of the cutest southern babies you can find. I can't tell if they are male or female so it doesn't matter. Just make them adorable. I'll follow with more instructions later.

    1. Hi Jake - Sandy here. Ken's in the shower, so I've got a few moments to reply. We haven't seen many babies on our journey. We'll keep our eyes open. Maybe there will be some cuties in Georgia. I think your Mom would approve, as she's quite the southern belle herself. Gotta comes Ken...