Saturday, May 26, 2012

The River Road

After picking up the car, we headed straight out of New Orleans and up the River Road along the Mississippi to see some plantations.  First stop: the Laura Plantation in Vacherie.  It's a Creole plantation, so instead of being painted the traditional white favored by Europeans, it's painted in bright colors.  We had a great tour guide, so if you ever go, ask for Jasmine.  The main house is built in 1804 high on top of brick pillars that also go 8 feet underground to protect it from floods and make it stable in the silty ground.

The second plantation stop was Oak Alley, which they say is the most picturesque of the plantations along the River Road.  True to it's name, it has an alley of Live Oaks that predate the current mansion by 150 years.  A good first photo op for RT12!

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