Monday, May 28, 2012

Nottoway Plantation

Sunday, May 28 - Just a few quick things from our tour of Nottoway Plantation first thing in the morning:

1.) it's hot and sticky even early in the morning;

2.) there are grapefruit trees growing in the yard;

3.) the average height of a man in the 1850s when this mansion was built was 5"3", which means that;

4.) they could easily walk out of the "windoors" that open onto the porches and go all the way to the floor;

5.) the plantation was essentially unharmed during the civil war, except for having one small cannonball about the size of a golf ball fired at it from the river, which at the time was 9 acres away.  The ball was lodged in the far left column near the top, until it fell out on its own in 1971.  Yup, it just fell out by itself 100 years later.

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