Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auburn University

Wednesday, May 30 - Continuing our Road Trip tradition of visiting colleges, and on this trip, schools of the SEC, we made sure to make a stop to pay a visit to the Tigers of Auburn University.  Sandy was pretty excited.

And no visit to a school like this would be complete without a drive by the stadium (we did the same at LSU, if you recall... see here).


  1. Ken - did you see the poisoned trees at Toomer's Corner while you were in Auburn?

    1. Hey Michael - no, we didn't. What are the poisoned trees all about??

  2. An old Auburn tradition for the last 50 years or so is to go to the street corner by Toomer's Drug Store after a football win and the students will toilet paper the old oak trees. After a particularly intense and dramatic comeback victory against their arch rival Alabama two years ago, a crazy Alabama fan drove down to Toomer's, and put industrial strength poison in the soil around the trees in an attempt to kill it. He then called a popular radio show and bragged about it, giving his name and location. Needless to say he was arrested. The ultimate fate of the trees is still in question. Welcome to SEC Football country.